Tuesday, December 06, 2005

artist found

I've spent several hours looking at this Romanian photographers work on the flickr website. Goes by the name strange_me (see link). There are polaroids, digitals, filter shots. They create that Space for the viewer essential to ART. I want to wear her eyes.
Smoked again today after five day's abstinence. Hands feeling cold again on resumption.
Suffered severe headaches on saturday. Later realised I hadn't drunk coffee that morning. Rare occurence. Perhaps there was a connection. It wasn't so much a headache as lightning stabs of pain (especially when bending over).
Watched Bergman's swansong film Saraband at the Dukes on sunday. Intransigence in family relationships. Fear of loneliness battles pride. Relations with family reflect relations with life generally. Visited cinema alone as usual. Sometimes wish I had someone suitable to go with but alone is the best way to see some films. I spend most of my time alone. Craving company but seeking solitude. There must be a life out there for me in Lancaster. People, places, things. They will dissolve self-consciousness and bring fertility back to this sterile mind. I know some good people; I will go to them and see what happens. Perhaps the words will return. I used to be quite sharp and witty but it doesn't seem available any more. GO OUT! Don't be afraid to drink.


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